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COVID-19 Update:

The impact on customers: Due to the general “peopleless” nature of the photography of architecture and other built structures, it’s business as usual for now. In the cases where there are people on site, I will wear a mask and maintain a minimum 6ft distance from others. Hand sanitizer will be used throughout the duration of the shoot.

How employees are being protected through social distancing: As a solo freelancer, I am solely responsible for protecting myself and will do so based on the current CDC guidelines.

How customer service will be affected: Business as usual. All communications will continue to be conducted via email, phone or text messaging.

What you can do: Please follow the CDC guidelines for helping to prevent the spread.

Recognized For Quality At An Early Age

Architectural photographer Robert Pepple (1963-) has spent the last 30 years developing his relationship with light, composition and architecture. His start in the field of photography came from a high school photography course elective, where one of his images was submitted and ultimately selected for the Florida State Fair Gallery. That image received the “Governor’s Award” and was the catalyst that started his career in photography.

He continued his photography education at the prestigious School of Photographic Arts and Sciences within the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, receiving his BS in Professional Photography (1985).

Professional & People Skills Developed Through Travel & Life Experiences

During that time, he and family traveled all over Italy and Germany. The things and places he experienced helped to develop his unique perspective on photography as an art form. The architecture he saw during these travels focused his future on architectural photography. Another positive by-product of being an Air Force brat was the need to make friends quickly and get along with others. Every two years or so there was a new batch of friends to develop. This makes Robert someone who is easy to get to know and work with. This experience also taught Robert the importance of long-term relationships and he works diligently at building these kinds of enduring professional links with his clients.

A national and international list of satisfied clients

While based in Florida, Rob’s client base extends across 27 states nationally. And recently he traveled to China to photograph an extensive network of supplier manufacturing sites for a US-based distributor of transportation related products. Rob’s enthusiasm dedication and commitment to clients can be summed up by a phase he often uses at the successful conclusion of projects… “What’s next?!”